I played on my ‘home’ stage tonight at Godfrey’s with my good friends Ansel Barnum and Kris Kehr, one of the more pleasant trio’s I get to play with. They compliment me adult material wonderfully, adapt to my on-stage instincts and create some marvelous music with me. Tonight was no different and I’m proud of the show we put on.


There were barely 10 people in the house tonight. A major folk club in a large and sophisticated region cannot gather a dozen folks to come see the person who has dedicated his life to music in this area.


The entertainment competition is strong, with festivals, family picnics, bars, home entertainment and computers. The arts economy is weak. But I still think that my music, especially my adult folk music, is better than ever, and is growing in its strength and diversity, and is sonically fuller with Kris and Ansel on board.


I wonder where my friends are. Part of the problem is, folk say, “I saw Dave Fry at ….. in ..when …. he played for my kids… my wedding…. in Allentown….” Yes, they all saw me ‘when’. But this is now, and I’m different and I’ve grown to be a better performer in that time. I am a better artist.


There was one table of four in front who saw us at Mayfair, and even me solo at a school gig at Moravian on Monday. I said, “Are you stalking me?” Thank goodness for stalkers. They were willing to come to Godfrey’s for this show from witnessing my most recent shows. God bless them. They got the big picture tonight.


It sure is a mixed bag: Veneration as a LV icon, but no audience for my active art. Yin and yang.