Sunday was a busy Open Mike, with a full roster of old and new folks, a local newspaper reporter doing an article on the OM and the random mayhem of a community in actions. I did some jawwing with the reporter, a short video piece and pointed him towards everyone else invested in the process. So he got to chat with regulars, new folks, staff, etc. and got a real sense of the place. So, he actually got me to look up the first GD OM. May 1976. I was the host.


Two songs early on, so I did Voodoo Chile on mandolin (look… not a guitar!) with the Irish Spring middle. I played it well and set the stage for number two. I haven’t done Smokin’ Babies in quite a while, at least in front of a listening audience. I actually blew the beginning but recovered nicely. Some folks picked up on the new nuances in phrasing, and I played the grooves well, and the audience kinda ‘got’ the irony. So, it was a good and different two song set. Mission Accomplished.


I am so proud of this community, especially the open mikers and friends. Everyone stepping up their game. Wow.