I returned to this friendly local Bethlehem school on the Northside for an end-of-the-year assembly. The kids were stoked since I’ve done assemblies here for three years running. Even the fifth graders wanted to hear Bear Hunt and Tutti Tah. There were a lot of am preschoolers and their parents were in the back and they made it through the first half and then split.


The kids were great. We sang Rosalie, Cat Came Back, Peanut Butter and all the good stuff.


I finished off with All Around the Kitchen and the kids cam up with some great moves including The Worm, The Harlem Shuffle and the Charlie Brown. They all got the fact that you have to sing and dance. It was a lot of fun with a new song.


As the kids filed out, one first grade boy said, “This was the best day ever!” That’s the topper for me.


Big sweat day!