I’ve come to appreciate RockRoots and its ability to pull off a professional educational production, with various snags and snarls amongst the players. Today, though, was particularly tough, physically, for me.


I fight with hip problems nowadays, so my mobility is less than sufficient, but it doesn’t impact my performance to a greatly visible extent. I’ve learned to control the situations well.


Today I forgot my asthma inhaler and became a victim in the great aging performer scam. I found it hard to find my breathe and, over two sets, had to gauge my speech and my singing in order to conserve my vocal strength, in a moment to moment decision mentality that is exhausting and takes me away from my artistic creativity. The band caught on to my problem, but I felt obligated to maintain the show and its integrity. Good guys, all around.


It was a brief glimpse into my mortality and my ability to perform for a living and for my sanity. I guess it always comes down to these things as we age. I still marvel that I can still do this at 64 with integrity, but I do scratch my head at my future.


Don’t forget your meds. Today’s lesson.