It’s nice to have a relatively short drive into New Jersey for a single show. We’ve done this school annually for the seventh graders. I like that the school features us for this class and continues to ask us back, thought the principal asked if we were from Texas. I’m not sure where he got that.


Seventh grade is the toughest age group for us and the reaction swings from dead to exuberant. These kids were good though, and even though they didn’t all get up and dance, there were kids here and there that got up. But all in all, they responded well and politely.


Kevin always gives me a pre-middle school chat: Be nice and have fun and let the education flow. I do admit that sometimes a tough crowd gets my dander up, but I negotiated the show with enough of my humor and tight execution.


It was nice to be done at 10 am. A short drive home for a guitar lesson with my friend Al Grout (juggler extraordinaire) and a radio show at night. Another trip to Jersey tomorrow.