Things are picking up a little for the next couple of weeks. We had two RockRoots in Ridgewood, NJ this Monday morning. A long drive to North Jersey through some heavy traffic, but, amazingly enough, we got there, fought the buses and started only 10 minutes late (9:10). The kids and staff had been off since Valentine’s Day, so it was a good start up for them.


The first show was for the K – 2nd grades and they were a little sluggish and a little overwhelmed, but that’s par for the course, especially with a large percentage of Asian kids. Really, its not a vital part of their family heritage, but still American history.


The second group was the 3 – 5 grades and they and their teachers were much more in tune with the energy. Good show again.


Don Mayer’s off to Florida for grandpa leave, so Wayne Smith, a RR alum, filled in quite nicely so I didn’t have to ‘think’ too much about the show and maintain my contact with the audience. It’s great to have subs for the show who know the routine and I can trust with the material.


We have another one with Wayne on Thursday at a special ed school in Plymouth Meeting, PA. It’s a good week when we have two RockRoots.