Sunday’s Open Mike was amazing, in spite of (or because of) a small turnout. My friend of 40 years, Pete McDonaugh hosted and did three fine blues, some new to our ears and I followed with a waltz/polka medley on mandolin, Jones, Oh, Jones and Black Jack Co. Chain. I pulled them off well. 


The rest of the gang really stepped up with new songs, fine renditions and risk-taking. Sam Steffen is the new kid on the block, returning from college in Nashville, living with his parents, doing dishes at the restaurant across the street and amazing us with his (dare I say) Dylanesque songs, including tonight’s ‘Ballad on Trevon Martin’ that knocked my socks off. Several of us had some murder ballads in the repertoire tonight, but he really nailed it.


I remain amazed with the caliber of talent that uses Godfrey’s stage to expand and explore their talents at this Open Mike. And I appreciate the opportunity to work on my stagecraft as well. It’s no throw-away gig, and I come to cherish this community all the more. I am blessed.