I’ve been working on some possible paying work in after-school programming, and I initiated a contact with Bike Works in Allentown. It’s a clever and funded program engaging middle school kids by getting the kids to repair old bikes, and then giving them to the kids. The program is interested in exploring other ways of interacting creatively and a woman Kim and I discussed a songwriting workshop.


It happened that this Wednesday was available for the kids and myself, though it was their Halloween party. I offered to make an initial visit, play a short set to get acquainted and get the process started. We would book a more concentrated workshop later.


Being teens and somewhat skeptical of this old white dude with a guitar, it was a somewhat raucous beginning, but I managed to use what tools I have to engage and win them over. It worked, but it was hard, hard work. The kids responded well, and it was a good way to get acquainted, break ground for my next visit.


Here’s hoping that there is some funding down the road, but that doesn’t make me less enthusiastic about exploring this particular challenge.