I signed up to play for my friend Brian Tallarico and Tallarico’s Chocolates on a First Friday on the SouthSide of Bethlehem. Tonight was literally on the street, in front of the shop. Interesting change of perspective. Usually I’m inside this wonderful emporium, playing for the folks who stumble in. But tonight I took the pulse of the street, as weird, and yet subdued scene.


Folks cruised by to nearby venues: for sushi, friends checking out other friend’s  art openings, parents supporting their kids’ musical gigs nearby, etc. It was street life, with all the appropriate lighting and sound…especially the Domino’s Pizza sound – tractor-trailer parked across the street for the first thirty minutes and the buzzing about of DP dudes and their beat up delivery cars, checking in and checking out. Frankly, I love it.


I packed up at 9 or so, took the chair in and thanked the gracious lady filling in for Brian tonight. I got a box of some cayenne’s, bought some chocolates from my tips for a DJ friend. I was surprised by a check for the evening. I assumed that I was doing it gratis for my friend Brian. I tried to give it back, but the lady said no. Damn. I can’t even give my services away. I’ll have to see to that.


It was a long day, with Channel 39 interview at 5 pm and the Chocolate gig, but all very curious and enlivening.