We opened up our school year with a fine RockRoots in Ridgewood in northeastern NJ at the crack of 9 am this morning. Our first pre-dawn split from the LV as well. This turned out to be an interesting gig on several levels, the first being that it was the first gig is quite a while and it was remarkable in its smoothness and ease. I was wondering if I would remember the show and all its ‘spoken’ parts, but it flowed well and the band played well. Its nice to have such a good show at this level work so well consistently.


There were several great moments. Four girls came up for the Irish tunes, and after some false starts, the ladies proceeded to knock out some sophisticated steps to the delight of the school body. This all happens early in the show and is a wonderful way to connect with the whole school community, as well as showing our ability to take a chance on the fly and to showcase the local kids.


We proceeded to play Charlie Stone, introducing Louis Armstrong to the kids, when out of nowhere appeared the music teacher laying down some mean riffs on trumpet. We gave him a couple of leads to the amazement of the school. I sang a verse about trombone and, sure enough, he came back out with his trombone and we traded riffs with my mouth trombone and his great ear. It was simply magic for the kids, the faculty and for us as well.


Just think what the kids think when they see their music teacher tear it up with a band, especially on the fly. This is powerful stuff and a unique moment in the school’s community.


Several teachers came up afterward and commented that it was the best assembly in memory. Not bad for an early September gig without any rehearsals. 


Another gig tonight opening for my friend Michael Jerling at GD’s.