Strange to return to the scene of the crime in so short of a time. I alit at the Arts Park just across the street from the AA Museum. I had left the museum Saturday night at 8 pm and I was back on Sunday morn at 11:30 am.


This was a paying gig – your local chamber of commerce – and I was due first up on the band stand, and friend, dude and harpstar Jimmie Supra was on sound. It was doubly cool that he came up and played some really good stuff together. It’ll Be Me, Bo Diddley. He’s keeping it going, and that’s why he’s a treasure to you folks in this community.


I’m a happy man.


A city green is a precious place, and to have one in downtown Allentown, especially with real green grass… real. green. grass. Also this green had great weather, sunshine, sky-line, Art Museum, Symphony Hall. Man, this is linkage; I’ve played ’em all.


Well, pretty much low turnout, but I’m never surprised in today’s culture.  I started my set by recognizing the folks in the tents who were tossing their ‘fortunes’ into to this event. We are just selling our wares, friends. Glad to be with you. I value the relations with the folks at the Taco tent, the Beer tent, the local Child Care, etc. It was good to spend time with these folks, with my music and with meeting up in the park afterwards. Community.


I proceeded to do a really nice set of acoustic music. With a good sound system, in a good, live urban space, it is a true delight to play. Basically it’s my idea of rock and roll, with me and my guitar, cranking it up.


Yes, cranking it up.


No matter what gig I play, I really enjoy being able to create a ‘Dave Fry Wall of Sound’ that is sonically full (I hesitate to say ‘fat’), nuanced and still dynamic, yet be intellectually connected with the audience at all times. This is hard work, my friends. But it’s where I define myself.


Tonight, Vintage Open Mike.