I had a farmers’ market in Bath this afternoon with a sit in mando gig later on in Bethlehem, so my plate was full. The FM turned out better than I expected. Normally I would have set up my sound in a gazebo off the beaten track and cranked it up to be heard amongst the vendors, but I asked if I could set up in the market and play acoustically. It was the right thing to do. Some kids, moms and grandmoms gathered and we played, danced with scarves, and mixed it up nicely. I think the vendors appreciated the difference as well. The time went fast.


I made it back to the SouthSide for First Friday. I had promised to sit in with Dina Hall on mando at her gig at Cleo’s, but got waylaid at Tallarico’s Chocolate and play some mando tunes out front for some folks out and about. It was neat to have folks sing Mickey Mouse out on the street.


I did make to Cleo’s to sit in with Dina and really enjoyed playing backup mando, an opportunity that is rare, and we pulled off some wonderful tunes. It was great to be on the streets of the SouthSide making music. Hometown.


Tomorrow, VegFest, again on the SouthSide.