A magical day in Kevin’s studio on Thursday for the ‘final’ vocal tracks for Playground. Wendi Bourne, a long time presence on my recordings, came in and I knew she had the chops and the feel for what I’m doing. Robbi Kumalo, a new friend whom I knew had the chops and the feel for what I’m doing. They had met each other, though.


They clicked, and did some hard work on a long list of tunes. All Around the Kitchen, Shoo That Fly, Jimalong Joe, Skip to my Lou, Giants, Baby Shark and more. Each lady is comfortable in the studio as is Kevin on the board, so we plowed through the material. 6 hours in the studio, but with a sense of play and discovery, making new connections with new and old friends, and some incredible creativity and joy. It was a honor to be in this atmosphere, and capture that brilliance on tape.


I’m making an album, but I feel I’m only the mulch that makes these songs grow and eventually bloom in people’s ears and minds. It’s such a different process than performing, but no less interesting. An artist strives to be an artist regardless of the medium. Boy, that’s deep.


Musikfest on Friday evening. I should figure it out.