Seven hours on the road with a very special hour spent driving two miles near the GW Bridge. It’s not good to see smoke coming up over the traffic infested horizon. As it turns out I got there with 20 minutes to spare. I’m a professional.


Another mad dash to CT to a private pool/tennis club in North Haven. Pretty posh situation put together by Lisa Martin, a friend from my CT past who works at this club. she put together a gathering of kids, moms, grandmoms from the club early afternoon. The was a solid core of folks who stayed and enjoyed the fun, but, as is the case with contemporary life, folks drifted off during the 50 minutes. This kind of entertainment isn’t for everyone.


All in all, it was a challenge to engage the age differences, but I was pleased with various responses from the kids. One boy sat with his hands over his ears for most of the show. Sheesh.


Lisa sent me an email today thanking me for the long trip and said that Beer Hunt was stuck in her mind. That reminds me that I really should do an adult kids album, something that came up last week with Wendi and Robbi. Beer Hunt will be a killer tune.


Tomorrow, a gig a block from home.