I had a slow set at 5 pm today at this amazing car fest in Macungie. A tough gig on the children’s stage, with main stage bands playing an ear-shot away, and a few kids on swings nearby. I was bouyed by several things, though.


A good sound system with a friend on the board. My Martin sounded great.


A young fan, daughter of the booker, was there early working on her finger snaps. It seemed she had just got it down and was practicing when I got there. We decided that we would use the finger snap as our new ‘big’ ending, and we did.


A few kids who wandered over to play and a family who got there late. And then I encouraged two ladies to come over and join in, and one lady danced and danced. She found her ‘kidness’ and she danced with a young girl who also got into it.


Other kids just didn’t get into the physicality of it all, and I scratch my head about this tendency.


Back again tomorrow near noon and it’ll be a bigger crowd. That’s not to say I don’t mind these smaller gatherings. Would be nice to play to bigger crowds, though.