It was a hot July Saturday, so I did a three sweat day. I did a kids show for a regional day care in the morning as part of an open house for prospective families.  It was at an amazing facility in a rural industrial park with a nice spot under some old trees. It was a gray and overcast sky so there wasn’t a great turnout, but I launched into my engaging ways and managed to entertain the handful of kids and families.  The site’s folks were impressed with my tools and skills, and I always do my best, so I hope to find more work with these people.I like my job.


I then went to two picking parties for some less formal music playing and really enjoyed the social aspects of playing with friends and strangers, noodling along with others’ songs, talking shop, and exercising other parts of my repertoire.  These are the times that still remain too far and few in between – the social aspect of playing and sharing music. So much of my playing is on stage, so to speak, so it’s important to celebrate this more intimate moments.


Three sweat day, though.