Finally, a local gig. A really local gig a block away from 4th St.  This Farmers’ Market is fairly nice though it has some drawbacks.  It’s a nice acoustic space with traffic from Lehigh and several friends who still work there.  It’s always nice to see these folks.And it pays well for only two hours of work.


Recently, I’ve been eschewing the sound system in order to get closer to the people (and tips), but this one puts me in the center of a brick courtyard.  Folks don’t want to commit to coming into the space, other than a few moms and kids, so I have to use the PA to reach the larger space.  I do like to ‘crank it up’ though, and that’s fun.


I like to play through these gigs – I’d rather be playing anyway – and I get to stretch some songs, try out old ones, and experiment on guitar.  My friend Dina wondered if my voice was tired from the string of gigs in the last two weeks, and I said no. I felt warmed up, actually.  I also told her I don’t have anybody to talk with in the mean time, so my voice is quite rested.