I stepped up to do sound for First Friday at Godfrey’s.  …and glad to do it for my  friends.


Godfrey’s Open Mike premiered a three set showcase of our community’s best.  Mike Fish (Not for Coltrane), Nalani and Sarina and Bill Hall in three separate sets.


Mike did a nice and engaging set, and set things up for the evening. Nalani and Sarina knocked it out of the park, and Bill did an incredibly moving set.  Then Mike put together a final set with everyone involved. 


What tickles me is that it’s the community puttin’ on a show, with each of my friends, old and quite new, stepping up and doing their best.  And their best is really, really good. .. and getting better.  Powerful stuff, and I get to do sound for them.  Even on a techno-centric day like today.  It’s good.