Sunday was another visit to Flint Hill Farms as part of Godfrey’s outreach with this functional and educational working farm outside of Hellertown.  I had my set just inside one of the barns, with bales of hay parked outside as seating.  A very nice day, but few families in attendance. So I launched into my stuff anyway.


One young girl and her dad stopped by and she took a seat up front.  I, of course, played to her and she got embarrassed and went back and hid behind her dad.  Well, I continued with All Around the Kitchen, and she started to do the dances.  She warmed up and started to play some of the instruments from out of my bag. By the end of the set, she was up ‘on stage’ next to me, playing numerous instruments in various orders, dancing and having a good time.  Funny how this happens, even in small, intimate settings. 


I enjoyed my fellow GD’ers Mike Holliday’s and Binomial Bill’s sets.  Low key, but fun.