I took a trip down Cherry Lane to Bearswamp Studios, home of all of my albums.  Clark “Still a Boy Genius” Ferguson welcomed me with a plate of Susie’s homemade cookies.  What other studio does that? 


We headed down to his studio, familiar but not in constant use, so Clark and I figured things out together, with some nice takes.  Stereo guitar mikes and nice vocal set up, with Clark sitting across from me. While he was fussing and a bitching with the recorder just back from the shop. ($%&#), worked on some songs I’ve written, but never got them on tape to my satisfaction. 


Turns out this could be the CT Sessions, in some part.  I’ve done projects, grant assignments and the like, that are too specific to be part of a “pop” album, though they’re interesting tunes. 


Lessons from Pete – a poem I wrote in 2006 – basically a salute to the traveling folk musician and the audience.  Last night I sat down and strummed some chords behind it and came out sounding like a talking blues.  This one could make it on the air.


Ballad of the Jubilee Bell – Allentown commissioned piece. This one I have down pretty good, though not with out multiple takes.  The last verse is always the bugger. I did record this one with Gar D. and submitted it to the Liberty Bell Museum.  I just want to have a solid solo cut.


Miss Florence Waltz – this one was a work in progress, and that’s what I had hoped to do, put this song on reboot, and see and hear what happens. this was one for the CT Troubadour competition the year I came in 2nd, again.  Based on my favorite small, major museum in Olde Lyme, CT, I’ve done a variety of workshops, kids’ camps, arts shows, festivals, so this place is dear to my heart.


MFW – this was an attempt to fuse the flashwords about the Impressionist Colony that Florence Griswold tended to, at the turn of the last century. I thought a brisk waltz might fit the tone, and it works.  Now I have to play with it.  Lots of specific names, perhaps too over-designed.  Actually, yes, too-over designed. But now I know, and can listen to the cut and learn.


I’ll be headed back for some more of my bizarre originals.  How Do You Like my Hat? and CT Colored Regimen, plus ??


Long day of art.  My soul is refreshed with the creative work.