Sunday was the second session in the Open Mike recordings for the potential second South Side Sunday Night CD. 


I got down early to set up my part of the event, the sound system and arranged to meet early with Dave Reiber for developing a guitar part for a hammered dulcimer medley. 


Dave hit me with a multi-tune, multi-key intellectual extravaganza that really, really put me through my ear paces….  I love figuring out chord changes to Celtic tunes, so it was more enjoyable than a crossword puzzle.  Yes.  We tabled the practice for the recording session at 1 pm.


Bill Hall and his son Will set up the recording stuff, and we finally got going at 1:30 with Lindsey on piano for a couple of tunes.  Lots of tech stuff, but we got some nice takes, especially on one she had never made it through before.  (This is part of the beauty of the project… we all learn about the process of recording) Rachel Marie did a nice tune and one with Ansel on harp, Jason Hawn put together two nice tunes, again with Ansel, on wonderful acoustic guitar originals. Mike Holliday did two nice songs as well. 


Part of the process is the other OM’ers who show up for audience sound and support, so it was nice to have Mance and Mike and Bill S. be there.


Dave and I finally got up last in the afternoon for our (my) stab at the Real Reel.  We nailed a lot of the stuff, but never a full and complete version.  We are hoping on the mixology skills of Bill Hall to put together a nice version.  and I know he will.  It’s part of the magic of editing that makes recording creative.


A long day, but filled with community.