We made an afternoon trip to Burlington Co., NJ for a small ES in a town along the Delaware, outside of Philly.  That means “you can’t get there from here”.  Two hour drive  both ways through some kind of Philly traffic.  Again, its worth the trip.


Wayne Smith filled on guitar.  Donnie has lessons on afternoons – translated as $$.  Wayne is a pro, and is a RR alum, so its nice to have someone very familiar with the show so that I can concentrate on speaking in complete sentences.


We play slightly different shows for the K-3 crowd – more music, simplified exposes – but mostly the same as the one for the older kids. Its actually amazing that the show works so well in spite of the ages differences. I guess that its due to that its live music played well, and with lots of interaction. Big screen music!


I’ve tried to have participation on every style: singing, hand motions, dancing, etc.  Seems like basic entertainment skills to me, dare I say theater skills?


Celebrated with an Italian hoagie in Quakertown.