We had an early rise for an 8:15 am assembly in Wall, NJ – over 90 miles away. It was dark for most of the travel, but nice to see the sun when we got out. This is one of the schools that has us each year for the 6th graders, and it’s always worth the haul.  Today was no different. 


A big crowd for the first set, and they were up and dancing from the Beatles on.  Great reception.  The second set had only a few classes, but we lit out as usual.  Then the lights went out, and stayed out.  A pole was knocked down a mile away and took the poser to the school with it.  No amps and just emergency lighting.  We all just hung around for about 10 minutes, kids, teachers and the band.


I then took hold of the moment and my Martin, pulled up a chair in front of the 40 kids and started into Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  They all chimed in and we were off.  Jingle Bells, Zat You Santa, Deck the Halls, and Rudolph.  It was a cool impromptu session, and we got to connect, in spite of the circumstances.  We then got the word that the assembly was canceled and we packed up and headed home at 10 am.  Early and strange.


There was some irony involved.  This was a rescheduled gig from Hurricane Sandy, and this area near the shore was out of electricity for several weeks, and here is another blackout.  Too much…..


Tomorrow, a small business luncheon at a country club between Bethlehem and Easton. Christmas carols and novelty tunes.  No PA. Nice check.