A second year festival, Veg Fest,  was happening a block away from home, and Godfrey’s was sponsoring an acoustic stage with half-hour sets by many from the community of open mikers, some from a far away a Bloomsburg.  I had a 2 pm set and the small audience was a mixture of mostly adults, so played some of my uptempo adult stuff, and as a few families stopped by, I added some cross-over stuff like Names to the Animals and Giants.  It was a quick set but it felt good to be able to play to such a diverse audience with lots of interaction and strong chops.  Several kids came up afterwards (w/ parents) and we chatted about their favorite songs on my CD.  I’m always surprised with the comments, especially about the original ones I never really play out.  …there’s a nudge.


We packed up the equipment shortly thereafter, with a big, strong storm due to hit at 4 pm.  It was a very nice set, and, as always, I learn from the experience.


Sunday School tomorrow in Newtown, PA.  That’s 11:15 am.