We started with synonyms for vintage… old, crusty, curmudgeon, sainted, tenured, delapidated,….. I could go on…. and we did.  Anyway, it was a small crowd (Eagles game, Celtic Classic), but some wonderful friends showed up and played some nice tunes. Jackie Tice, Dina Hall, Bill Hall, Mike Holliday, Bill Schachter.  But the clincher was an old open miker, Scott Chalupka, who, ironically always drew the last spot (you could bet on it).  He graciously followed suit tonight.


Scott played a tune on the washboard, scraping away an original tune. A nice opener.  And, as he tuned his guitar and put on his finger picks, Jackie Tice told us that Scott had had a brain tumor removed several years ago, was not expected to walk or even play guitar.  But here he was, able to fingerpick with his right hand, and manipulate a slide with his left hand and play his music.  Damn.  I’m not sure I could have found the courage to carry on like this man.  A great punctuation to a wonderful night of music amongst friends.


Tomorrow, a trek to Delaware for a library showcase.