This farmers’ market is as local as it gets, one block up the hill from home, on the lower extremity of Lehigh.  It’s a good acoustic atmosphere for an urban situation with at nice brick courtyard.  I do use a sound system for this one, and, unfortunately, I’m in an inner space that isn’t in the flow.  But this one pays well for a FM so its a trade off for tips….


The rain held off, and it was the first day of sub-90 degree weather.


A SouthSide daycare group came over and gave me an active group of kids to work with, and it was a good time with them, a mix of toddlers and primary age kids.  A group of moms and kids came by for the second hour, but they were less involved and actually got the local cop to get those kids off the waterworks behind me. 


A nice way to finish up 3 gigs in 30 hours.  Nap time….