Friday was a hike from Bethlehem through NYC Friday traffic for  a 3 pm – 6 pm FM in my old hometown of Madison, CT.  Planned for 3 hours and it took 4. Got there at 2:57.  Can’t plan it any better (or worse, in some cases).  ….curious, that’s all.


This is one of the nicer ones, in that its on the town green, with trees, grass and space.  Nice atmosphere, so I play it acoustically, close to the foot traffic amongst the venders.  Shade, too.  A few familiar faces from last year, but quite of few of new kids and families.  Good interaction with the folks and the kids, with instruments out (the rain stick is a big hit).  I managed to play the full three hours in a quick manner, with some cheese and fresh lettuce from the venders across the way.  Nice to be appreciated.


I headed to the Madison Beach Hotel to see if Jaimie was working that night, but his boss said he had the night off.  He proceeded to say how good Jaimie is on the job.  Cool.


I headed to Ron Anthony’s ‘Beer, Bed and Breakfast’ for the evening, and Rick Johnson stopped over for some tunes.  Nice to catch up with Ron and Rick.  I really miss my CT buds, and it was strange driving around the old familiar CT roads.  It’ll be a year in August since my banishment.