We had an afternoon doubleheader at a fine venue in Trenton, part of a series of free shows at the State Museum.  Unfortunately, there were very few folks for each show, so it was a hard gig for me and the band.  I realize how much of the show depends on the interaction between myself and the kids and folks, so we had to just roll with the script and try to make contact as best as I could.  Thank goodness the show is tight and fun, so I’m sure the folks there liked it. 


There was little in the way of publicity, but I’m sure that’s the state of the State, with little or no funds for advertising, especially for the arts.  A shame, but I’m proud of the lads in the band who play strong, regardless of the situation.  Just one of those gigs that’s not as you picture it. 


Back in the schools on Tuesday where there’s a for sure lively audience.