I returned to Sheckler ES after, perhaps, a decade of absence for an ‘end of the year’ assembly, with 500 plus kids and teachers. Quite the excitable bunch.


It’s nice to return to a familiar school but with my current set list.  It’s a nice mix of familiar tunes with new twists, and some new tunes.  It brings into focus the growth I’ve had in performance skills, and that I do have a good and professional ‘show’.


Curious moment:  Boys just wanna mosh….


It’s a risk when I get the kids and teachers up and dancing at the end, especially with a huge group like this.  I have the only good view of the entire situation.  Four 3rd grade boys started throwing themselves at each other in the middle of this throng of kids.  Theatrically, it’s not good to stop the show for any reason, especially approaching the end of the show.  But I did, and I’m glad the school followed up, taking two boys to the office immediately, and the teacher asked, after the show, who else was involved, and two more were collared. 


I just considered it a safety situation, and I told the kids that it was dangerous. 


But it brings to question, where do kids this age pick up moshing, and think that it’s cool?  Big cultural moments celebrating stupidity as a norm.  Jeesh…