I did my final show of Mayfair at the kids’ tent, with another sparse crowd, mixed with adults and families.  Professional that I am, I left my capo and pick case in my mandolin which I left purposely at home.  The valiant sound crew found me a replacement.  duh….


I left my mando at home knowing I would be reunited with my old Gibson A model that had been, through various twists of fate, landed in the hands of one of the sound men.  It s a marvelous instrument that I really enjoyed getting my hands on again.


I sold the mando to a friend years ago, ran into it briefly at Dave Phillips Music Store, and that was that.  Apparently someone bought it, moved to Knoxville, TN where the man eventually passed on and left it to it’s present owner, the sound man…. who happened to do sound at the Kids’ Tent at Mayfair.  Phew…..  I found some old pictures of me and the mando and printed them off for him, just to prove how really old the mandolin was.  tee hee. 


Four shows for Mayfair, and I didn’t sell a single CD.  Economic indicator #1.