I had a long but wonderful day with an am middle school RockRoots and two elementary gigs in Ventnor, NJ, just south of Atlantic City.  It’s a rare thing to play for an entire school, with the band and my solo.  This school has a really strong music dept. and it showed with the reaction of both the young kids and the teens.  Two hours to AC and two hours back through Jersey traffic.  But I got to see the ocean.  cool.


I made it back to open for Kevin Gordon’s band at Godfrey’s for the annual members’ concert and I did a good four song set, with some surprises for folks.  Compliments on my guitar playing, good chatter and an irreverent attitude.  (I said I had already played for both 7th graders and pre-schoolers, so I wasn’t about to take any guff from the GD audience. 


Evil Twin, Barrelhouse, Blackjack County Chain and John Gorka’s Legends.  good set for a rockin’ band like Kevin’s.   Tomorrow, Pavlov’s Dawgs at GD.  The beat goes on.