I had a full, and yet wonderful day at a Pre-K and K center in Phillipsburg, NJ today.  A very nice facility with lots of cool teachers, open spaces and good folks in charge.  The kids were surprisingly good at singing along (even the 3 and 4 yr. olds).  I did four sets for ~500 kids in a gym area, so we had room to boogie.  I’m glad I brought a sound system – my voice started to fade at the end.  I was tired from a late night travel to Madison for Rosalie’s 22nd B’day the night before, but I was carried along by the kids’ energy.  The school was a buzzin’.


I was asked supply the school with CD’s, and they asked me back for another visit this spring.  (Discount prices, of course.)  I enjoyed making contact with each and every kid. …and teacher.


I love how the kids really want to say goodbye as they leave the gym.  I wish adults could return to that urgency to connect as we part.  “Peace, Out!” was the operative phrase today.