Another homecoming at Godfrey’s.  Although I have never filled the house at Godfrey’s as a solo, it was a wonderful night of music, friends and surprises.  My current band (Ansel) was on hand for our random sets of music.  I invited one of my favorite CT artist/song-writer/guitarist/humanist Eric Paradine as my opener. ‘Opener’ is a strange term for someone who is a consummate and prolific writer and performer.  Eric insisted that Ansel and I remain on stage for his set, and it was a good choice for the evening. I thought that Eric deserved the spotlight, but he was inclusive.


The audience consisted of some older DF fans (hard to believe), and few (one) of Ansel’s expected (and discounted) Lehigh base.  Eric did a wonderful set of his original, engaging and professionally rendered songs, with Ansel and myself adding flourishes.  The folks were knocked back, and that was very cool.


After a break, I followed with a set of solo tunes, with Ansel and Eric sitting in as we went along.  Ansel did a great solo that slayed ’em.  But then he slays ’em with his tasteful backups.   We tossed around a full set of tunes, with less emphasis on arrangements, and more emphasis on sharing.  It was great theater, fine music, and what exactly what should be on GD’s stage. Communication between musicians and audience.


It was a good night.  Off to CT tomorrow.