I returned to York, PA and St. Joseph’s School for an afternoon assembly and an evening family night.  I had been there three years ago for a one day songwriting residency, and it was very cool to hear the song we wrote “SJY is a Very Special Place” being played on the speakers.  I had forgotten how nice the song was, and it reminded me of how I had gotten choked up playing it when I presented it last time.  And it was still being used in the school.


The folks were most gracious and glad to have me back.  I had a great time with the assembly, kids singing along, joking with the teachers.  I headed out to a small library outside of town in between shows, and played for a nice group of families and kids in the evening.  Many nice compliments from the parents, and lots of communication with the kids.  All in all, a long day, but filled with fun. 


I made it back to Bethlehem after 200 miles on the road to catch the last few songs from John McEuen, from the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, playing at Godfrey’s.  His ‘Will the Circle Be Unbroken” album, now 40 years old, was the Sgt. Peppers of acoustic music for me, and it was a wonderful homecoming after a long day making music.