This was a pleasant, but long trek to the Enfield, CT Library from Bethlehem at 5:30 in the morn.  I missed traffic and reported for duty at 9:30 am.  The Enfield Library is a big, expansive place, with a big community space.  And the place filled up with kids, grand parents, moms, and, yes, some dads.  What a fine mixture of ages!  The whole spectrum….  My palette.


It was a large room, and lots of folks, so, performance-wise, it tested the limits of my ‘unplugged’ library show, so I got hoarse early on.  Nice connection with the kids, great moments of tongue-hanging-out, dance, shakin’, and random acts of art.  As I often remark, I have the best seat in the house.  A professional 46 minute show, which was enough, considering my voice at that point.  Many nice comments from moms and the librarians.


CT friends dined me on veggie burritos and set me off back to Bedlam.  12 hours. 450 miles.  worth it.