LLM opened up a new version of their folk club at the Macungie Institute, and is actually quite an improvement on several levels.  Comfy seats, small but elegant stage, and the good sound and community volunteers.  All the requirements.


I got there 20 minutes late, so I went on next to last.  Unfortunately many of the players left before my set, but a solid core of folks stayed behind, including My Biggest Fan, a young daughter of some of the volunteers, who goes goo over Dave Fry.  She loves ‘Giants’ – her favorite song.  She stayed up late for my set.


I did ‘Don’t Call Me Early in the Morning’, a good opener that involves the community voice, followed by ‘Voodoo Chile/Irish Spring’ medley, with one of the A strings slightly soured (damn, its so much better in tune), and ended with ‘Pay Bo Diddley’, if nothing else but to play loud guitar on a Saturday night.


A good night in Macungie.