Back in the bars again…..  Ansel and I did the St. James Gate Pub in the Sands Casino on the South Side of Bethlehem on Thursday night.  Basically a bar gig in a posh room off the lights, noise and madness of a casino.  It pays well, and they have sound and a sound tech, so it’s low tow of gear, and that’s cool, too.


It is a bar, so the first and second set were for an elder couple who likes Celtic music and Bill Staines, a 50th birthday gathering (noise), and some friends of Ansel’s.  Random other folks.  It was a foot to the floor attempt at filling the room with music, which was, quite frankly, fun.  Ansel and I got to stretch on some good blues, swing, etc., mix in my Irish stuff.


The third set, trying to wrap this sucker up, was different in that the Booking Agent, who good me this job showed up.  That meant we had to work.  And we did.  It was an aggressive set of music that passed nicely. 


Gigs like these are interesting in that players can take advantage of the hubbub and practice, share ideas that can be developed later, and also just stretch musically.  Make friends with your fellow musical travelers.  Soul building.


Trouble is I have three RockRoots gigs in Bryn Mahr tomorrow morning at 9 am.