I had my big financial NYE gig at Arts Quest for two shows in the afternoon, part of Peeps Fest.  A pretty manic gig on the floor of an arts center, amongst a 5 K race, movies, kids’ activities, food, beer and a very nice day outside.  I swapped sets with Balloons the Clown, which set the stage for an interesting day.


I met up with several generations of family/fans, which always define my day.  Ah, yes, always the twins……  My friends with two, yes, two sets of girls, from last New Years’ fame, showed up, and brought Granddad with them.  Thank goodness there was only one of him.  Two other young toddlers, with pink cowboy boots, showed up again.  But then, I’m one of the family, as the mom says….


It was a tough gig, but played for a lot of good folks…. off to Godfrey’s for first night.