It was a fairly quiet night at the old saloon tonight, but that’s expected in the holiday season.  I did finish the night connecting with a little lad Nathan, with his Rudolph, grooving on some rhythm instruments.  I gave him my Holiday CD, and he was tickled.  It made the night for me.  These bar gigs are hard in that there are so many variables – the bull, food, etc. – so its not ‘concert conditions’ which I feel the best at.  so it goes….

I headed back to Quakertown for my Sunday gig at this restaurant.  It was slow, at first, so I decided to play through.  I ended up playing for 2.5 hours straight, and it was no problem.  I mixed cowboy, country rock and Christmas for the folks.  I’ll be back in two weeks with some intermittent gig in the future, which is fine with me. 


I played my banjo for some of the kids riding the mechanical bull, and, for the first time this century, I was asked to play Dueling Banjos.  This is why I don’t play banjo in bars……  Frailing banjo is not bluegrass banjo. Sheesh…


Still don’t know what to think about this gig, but it still is an opportunity to play for folks, kids, and money.  All very good things…..  Perhaps a few concerts there on Sunday afternoons, and that would be cool.


I’m off next week but back on Sunday, Dec. 18th.