I finished up my three gigs at Bethelehem’s Christkindlmarkt, a holiday crafts fair at Arts Quest.  Big heated tent, filled with craft folk, food, music, etc.  It’s a big stage, with sound and lights and folks eating at tables in front of the stage.  I’ve done it and continue to enjoy the situation.


I get to mix Christmas music, family music with mando and guitar tunes.  I also put out my bag of musical toys for kids to join in.  It was cool that, today, a bunch of teens ‘dared’ to come up front and join in.  Four girls grabbed tamborines and joined in, eventually provoking some other male teens to get up on stage behind me and dance and play.  It turned into something new and fresh and wonderful for me.  And real folk entertainment theater as well.  Cool.


Santa showed up, too.  I got a picture of me on his lap.  Cool, squared.


Community, in its wonderful spontaneity.