I look forward to this gig on several levels, and I’m always glad I do what I do for a living.  I’ve played this country club’s family Christmas brunch for awhile, so I’m getting to know the kids over the years, as well as the parents.  And the club does it up very nicely, with great family-friendly food, ice cream bar, Santa, carriage rides with hot chocolate, big tree, and a great staff of waiters, cooks, etc.  oh, yeah…. they hire me to play music. I get paid well for a full day of music, and this year’s check goes to my Honda’s ‘new’ engine.  (finally paid off from August…)


And it is all about families.  Grandparents, girls in Christmas dresses, boys in argyle sweaters, new parents, and their club friends.  As folks settle in, after checking out Santa, I play some standard holiday faire, but as the kids get down, they dive into my bag ‘o instruments, and we proceed to play.  Best show in town.  I get to watch them….


…families.  The grandparents dancing with their grankids, toddlers letting loose on the dance floor, girls enjoying their dresses, some mean egg shaking, and folks taking pictures of the kids having fun….. 


It’s fun seeing some of the kids grow older, and yet feel comfortable being kids again.  Brothers dancing together, two young twin sisters dancing, lots of great interaction amongst themselves.  Again, I get to watch…


These are well-to-do folks, but still folks.  I’m lucky to play for them.