We have an annual gig at an intermediate school in Wall, NJ for just the 6th graders, two sets.  It’s a great age to play for, enthusiastic without being too enthusiastic or too cool.  The principal said it’s her favorite assembly, along with other 6th grade teachers.  ….and a kid stopped in while we were setting up who said he still remembers us from a previous year.


We had an 8:30 am first set (left at 5:30 am) in a nice tiered auditorium.  The set ended with the kids storming the floor in front of us, dancing and having a good time.  A large surprise to us and to the teachers.  No one got hurt, though some of the boys came close to moshing-out.  Always something different.


The second set was half of the first set, mellower, but good kids.  An active girl said she was a drummer, too, as she left.  Kevin said, “Girls rock!”  True. 


It’s strange to be done at 10:30 am.  Long drive back and a Tallarico’s gig tonight.