I was honored to be asked to do a family concert as part of this ongoing series of music, presented by the North Haven Cong. Church.  Past series have presented Celtic, bluegrass, world music, etc. and I was the first ‘family’ performer to be booked.  …. and thanks to DW Ditty, legendary CT acoustic musician, for giving the folks a nudge.


A classic New England sanctuary, with great acoustics and severely pewed seating – that is, hard to leave graciously, crowd-controlling boxes.  That’s fine in my book and shows how seriously the early preachers took measures for 2 hour sermons.


Yes, it was a small crowd with few ‘children’, but kind folks from the congregation supporting the series and it’s community.  But good kids’ music is good adult music, so I relish these surprising and challenging performances.


It’s not kids’ music; it’s people’s music, so singing along, doing the hand motions, etc. is exactly what’s called for.  Folk music.  I originally had thought the 75 minute show requested was too much, but it seems I did close to 90 minutes.  (and, as related by a grandmom, a teenager remarked, “Is that all there is?”) 


I had a wonderful time playing for this New England audience who rose to the occasion with the singing and laughter that makes what I do so rewarding, in spite of the 376 miles I put on the Honda today.