Thursday was my Phil Stahl tour – Phil is king of the open mikes in the LV, Bucks and Berks county area, working most nights of the week, while holding down a local music show in Schnecksville.


I started out for Phil’s 5 pm show on WXLV for an hour set of music and chat.  We have had some mightly history between us and brought some long-gone memories.  The Sheiks opening for Ted Nugent in East Greenville in ’74 or so.  I played some of my newer tunes, a sneak preview of a kids song, something from Shake It!.  It was a lively interview, with philosophy of folk music, playing for kids and Alziemers’ disease, etc.  A treat.


I then was asked by Phil to do a feature set at Krocks’ Pub a few miles away at 8 pm.  I did some Ollies’ shopping (Big Lots, Job Lot… you know the place) and got to the bar and set up.  I did a set of music to Phil, Cindy and Bob, the other open mikers, and a bar of, well, bar people.  I’m simply glad I have another musical life.


CHristkindlmarkt tomorrow.