I picked up a gig from one of my Pottery Barn for Kids gigs on Long Island.  It’s been on the books for awhile, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be traveling from CT or PA for this one.  Seems it was a pleasant Saturday drive from Bethlehem, through NJ into NY.  I actually looked forward to the drive, now that it’s genetic.  …and I need the work monetarily and mentally.


It was held in a Greek Orthodox Church on Long Island for Alex (now 4), his friends, and his family.  A great mix of folks, including Georgia’s (the mom) grandmother, in classic black Greek attire.  Four generations….. cool.


Between balloon play, inflatable bounce tanks, pizza, adult chatter, family biz, et al, I gathered some folks for an acoustic session. They turned of the bounce generator, mercifully.  Still, outside of a few moms and daughters that stuck through the 35 minutes, folks socialized while I engaged those around me.  It was fun, enlightening, as always, and fluid, to say the least.  Alex and his dad took in the first half, and thanks to dad for making the connection, though he didn’t know what to make of live music.  Several young girls did, and made for some nice moments.  Hard work, though, and a long drive. 


It restored my spirit, though…  Paul Geremia at Godfrey’s tonight helped, too.


Back to El Toro Loco for my second Sunday gig near Quakertown.  I’m really working on making this a steady gig and I’m going through the ‘shaking out’ period with any bar gig.  I’m not used to returning to this bar/restaurant scene, having the majority of my work booked through schools, arts organizations, libraries, festivals, etc., with guaranteed pay, actual deposits and good pay checks.  But I like the artistic challenges, and I need the money. 


The club is enthused for some family entertainment, and it is a nice space to work in.  Let’s hope there’s financial stasis in the near future.


Welcome to the new economy….