YANJ / YAPA invited some YA artists to join other folks in an audition for libraries in the almost-Philly area.  It was wonderful experience, in many ways.  It was good to see fellow artists from Bethlehem, like storyteller Larry Sceurman, juggler Al Grout, along with folks I haven’t seen in awhile – Tuckers Tales Puppets, Cats Pajama’s, Two of a Kind, Minas, and several fine YA artists I’ve showcased with in NJ. 


The trick was to do a 5 minute showcase, with a timer up front.  Seems there was a lot of back and forth between the performers and the timer, which offered some levity but took away from some of the shows.  I also noticed how good the YANJ performers are at engaging the audience. 


The audience consisted of librarians, and they are easily entertained, artists that they are.  I decided to do ‘Giants’, and to do it without mikes, right out front.  “That’s why they call it acoustic,” I said.  I felt it was the best way to work the room, and it was a good call.  The crowd of artists and librarians responded wonderfully, and I actually finished it ahead of time, and used the remainder to explicate what I can do for them.  Got off stage.  Cool.


I distributed the sampler CD’s I had prepared for the folks, gave ’em away. We’ll see if some libraries take the bait.


It was nice to catch up with my fellow tradesfolk, and play for some new folks, too.  I felt good driving back to Bedlam…


I hope the librarians experience what I did for them and extrapolate to their own venues.