Sunday was gig I had underlined on my calender for a long time.  A chance to play for an adult audience in Bethlehem, help out the local community, and reconnect with fellow LV musicians. It was all of the above.


30th Anniversary of this Soup Kitchen (1981?? whoa!) and I was honored to be asked.  On the bill were: Dina Hall, Druckenmillers, Piper’s Choice and I was the Finale.  (oh, boy….)


It turned out to be an (ahem) older crowd, so I started to wonder whether to play the ‘edgier’ stuff I had in mind.  But the day progressed with the Celtic group which did an admirable set (a new set of players forming a band) doing a fine and entertaining set.  Dina followed with a strong set of her songs, and I had the express fun of backing her on mandolin on two songs.  (so rare to be asked….)  The Druckenmiller Family followed with a great set of front porch (i.e, no mikes…how refreshing and challenging) fiddlin’, pickin’, pluckin’, thumpin’, singin’.  They do it how it’s been done for years…..  Amen.


I followed with an intriguing set of “god, how do I engage these people who support a food kitchen?” set.  It was wonderful.


Let’s sing together, and then we’ll work on the rest……


Many nice moments, but I took a chance by leaving the stage at the end, singing “Magic Penny” acoustically, through the chapel, inviting folks at the end to the reception at the door.  It was good.


So nice to play for real folks for a real purpose.   so good.