Ah, a fine afternoon in Madison on the Green.  I decided, again, to go acoustic.  It’s the way to go on several levels. I’m loud enough to be heard where I’m playing, and not too loud at the other stands, but just loud enough to tickle people’s ears as they approach. 


The early flow is really tip-adverse, and it wasn’t til a lady in a propelled wheel chair tossed in two bucks that I felt appreciated.  Some friendly and familiar folks stopped by, and the Shop Rite worker did the Hokey Pokey with me and a few kids.  A nice moment. 


Great to see the kids (and the adults) warm up to the situation. 


Free heirloom tomatoes and herbed goat cheese and several nice nods from the venders, as well.  I got lots of playing done, worked on stuff, and played really well.  It’s a cheap gig, but I never play it like one. Cool