I pulled in to the Easton Day Care center that I was scheduled for this morning at 10 am.  I heard kids singing to ‘If You’re Happy’, and sounded particularly loud.  I walked in and said to the folks at the desk that I was happy and I knew it.  Then I found out that another kids’ performer was already playing with the kids, and she thought he was part of my company.  (My company?) 


The YMCA staff pulled him over, and we found out he was never booked for the gig, and he packed up and left.  I was torn, in that he had the kids going, and I felt I shouldn’t interrupt.  But, I moved in as he moved out.   Strange.


The kids were charged and we did it up in style. 


It’s always different.  Tomorrow, a drive home for a Granby, CT family show at 5 pm.