I played a set under a tent in the hot summer time for some dedicated folks raising money for local families in Coopersburg.  Called on by Chris Thatcher (Craig’s wife), I gladly hopped on board.  Chris put together a fine array of music, with Kato, and Craig playing sets.


The small audience was across the macadem under a small tent, trying to escape the sun.  Nice to see a bunch of familiar faces, though few kids were there. 


The moment (s) of the afternoon featured a small collie in the audience.  I put ‘I Wanna be a Dog’ second in the set, and it was fine, but the dog started barking along with the applause, which really centered the crowd in the moment.  But, as the set progressed, the dog continued to bark along with the applause after a song, and  became many moments, all fairly unexpected each time. 


…..good to know I can still connect with any audience.